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Reviews by Lauren Clark

It’s A Bit Complicated

Art Brut’s second album, It’s A Bit Complicated, hit the streets June 26th. Judging from the five song EP, it won’t disappoint the multitude of fans won over by their debut album, Bang Bang Rock & Roll. Known for his shrewd self awareness, front man Eddie Argos and his crew have done it again. Mixing talk/stylized vocals, smart verbosity and catchy melodies, Art Brut will satisfy your longing for intelligent upbeat music.

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods: Bilquis

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has created a line of perfume oils inspired by the characters, places and ideas from Neil Gaiman’s best selling novel American Gods. In addition to always being animal testing-free, 100% of the proceeds from the American Gods Collection go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which protects the First Amendment Rights of the comic book community.