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Reviews by M. Brianna Stallings

M. Brianna Stallings

M. Brianna Stallings is a writer, reviewer, editor, proofreader and voiceover artist currently residing in Albuquerque, NM. She is an ensemble member of Siren Audio Studios, a company that releases full-cast radio-theatre style audiobooks. She is also actively involved in Albuquerque's many creative communities. Hers is a truly formidable music collection.

Middle Cyclone

Music reviews are supposed to be about critical analysis, not deferential boot-licking. But Heaven help me, I cannot help it this time. I love Neko Case. Did you hear me? LOVE. L-O-V-E.

Like It Or Not

If the latest slate of indie bands are to be believed, feigned disinterest and irony worship are so not cool anymore. It seems as though the hipsters think they've totally moved beyond all that. This season's must-have emotional response to your surroundings? Cutesy glee, couched within a three-word (preferably multi-syllabic) band name. Problem is, it still feels like an affectation, a pose that comes off just as hollow as those other two. Therein lies my biggest issue with Australian group Architecture in Helsinki.  They're fun and funky. They're danceable enough.

A Thousand Shark's Teeth

Late last November, My Brightest Diamond came through my town. I'd heard the name before and was slightly curious, even read a bit about them in the music press. Nevertheless, I didn't go to the show. In hindsight, my decision to skip the concert was a big mistake.  But let's back up for a bit. To refer to My Brightest Diamond as a "them" is both right and wrong.

2009 Slingshot Organizer

It all started for me in 2007. That was the first time I put my daily activities in order with the help of the Slingshot Organizer. We're coming up on year three of my making use of this invaluable resource (produced thanks to the efforts of Berkeley, California's Slingshot Collective volunteers), and I cannot imagine going a day without it.