Elevate Difference

Reviews by MK Matson

Once You Go Back: A Novel

Once You Go Back is a poignant and semi-autobiographical novel about a young man and his quest for identity as he grows up in a dysfunctional working-class household.


Chup is Zeb and Haniya's (pronounced "Zay-eb and Haa-nee-ya) debut album, which was released in July of 2008. The female-cousin duo has been marked as one of the first all-female bands from Pakistan. Ranging from alternative pop, art pashto and folk, ethnic blues, and world music, their music cannot be confined to just one category.

The Lunar 2009 Calendar: Dedicated to the Goddess in Her many Guises, 33rd Annual Edition

One of the reasons I chose to review The Thirty-Third Annual Edition of The Lunar 2009 Calendar: Dedicated to the Goddess in Her Many Guises by Luna Press was my attraction to the moon and the lunar phases of the moon. Not only am I astrologically a Cancer by heart, and ruled by the moon, but the moon has always been so mysteriously powerful and magical to me.


Finland's own multi-instrumentalist Astrid Swan’s debut album, Poverina, was released on Minty Fresh Records on May 22. The opening track, "They Need You if They Think You Love Them," starts out gently with a tapping glockenspiel and cleverly transitions into Astrid's husky voice and piano. The arrangement is intense and dramatic at times with almost a full orchestra of instruments. It is hard not to compare Ms.

Sing, Shout and Clap!

When I first listened to Arts*Cetera's _Sing, Shout & Clap!_ CD, I had just picked up my one-year-old baby from daycare. Soon after the opening track, "Arfie's Theme," had begun I knew the CD was a hit. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a baby laughing, dancing (as much as he could in his car seat), and kicking his legs in joy. Arts*Cetera was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1998. Nanette De Cillis founded this center for arts and arts-related activities for adults, children and families.