Elevate Difference

Reviews by Pamela Crossland

Into the Field

The focus of Into the Field is the secular lives of the women living in the Romanian monastery, Varatec, rather than their spiritual ones. The everyday life of nuns is skimmed over by filmmaker Alyssa Grossman. Presumably, Varatec is as self-sustaining as possible due to its isolated location, and there are many shots of nuns working in the fields.

Return to the Land of Wonders

I was riveted by Maysoon Pachachi’s documentary about her homeland: Return to The Land of Wonders. She returns to Baghdad after a thirty-five year absence, soon after the U.S. invasion. The Baghdad she brings to the viewer is not one seen on CNN; she offers a rare insight into the committee (headed by her father, Adnan) working on the drafting of a temporary Iraqi Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Anne Bonney Perfume Oil Blend

This intense, rich oil is listed under the Bewitching category on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website with this description: “Named in honor of the most notorious female pirate to ever set sail. Wicked, cruel, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and dangerous: a true role model. A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense.” I found it to be heady, sensual and altogether delightful. A very small amount lasts for several hours, and it would be far too easy to overdo application for the office.

Shea Butter Body Sorbet

Winter has delivered its annual plague of cracked heels for many of us. On the day I received this product, one of my heels had begun to crack despite my religious use of other products to prevent that problem. This sorbet (a much more fun word than lotion or cream), used along with another product from Kristine’s Shower, the Shea Butter Body Frosting, took care of that heel in about four days. It’s smooth, light and absorbs well into the skin. The only minor disappointment was in the scent – “Blackberry Blast.” The smell of other ingredients overpowered it just a bit.

Shea Butter Body Frosting

Shea Butter Body Frosting is a sugar scrub that is not only effective for rough patches on the skin, but is said to keep legs smooth between shavings. The scrub is less oily than many of its competitors and gentles enough to use on the face. After using this wonderful scrub on my feet for a few days, I decided to use it on my face as well as a nightly routine to see how it would stand up to daily use. I’m very pleased with the results. My skin was pleasantly smooth, not oily or weighed down by the product. I also didn't experience any irritation using it on a nightly basis.