Elevate Difference

Reviews by Paulette S. Case

RingO & BabeLicious

Sweets for your sweet. Available in Dulce de Leche, Pomegranate Vanilla, Mojito Mint, and Chocolate Orange, the virtues of Babeland’s new BabeLicious flavored gel lubricant are more numerous than its flavors. Babeland has delivered my most favorite lube ever. It’s glycerin and paraben free, the lack of dyes means it doesn’t stain the sheets, and the fact that it doesn’t have sugar shields the user from that cause of yeast infections.

Doc Johnson Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Vibe

People do not like to think of themselves as inadequate or deformed. Therefore, while I do not doubt that this is a perfectly adequate small vibrator with external stimulator, I do doubt that I have a G-spot, or that it is even an established existing anatomical structure. But, low—review the internet again, and it is revealed that I might, indeed, be a mutant. Although, glance once more, and other researchers conclude “the G-spot is rather a perception created by non physiological factors that can cause a heightened sexual sensation” (Journal of Sexual Medicine, January 4, 2010).

First Timer's Kit

When I read the name of this product set, I laughed. First time? If you're old enough to tap the keyboard, you're probably familiar with repeatedly hitting 'shift' until the screen goes blue. It's like the old joke: “What do you call people who don't masturbate? Liars.” Then I paused and reflected that the "first time," without doubt, referred to mechanical enhancement. My first vibe was a gift from a college pal, a basic bullet model much like Early to Bed's Mary.