Elevate Difference

Reviews by Rachelle Nones

Shooting Women

Award-winning Director of Photography Joan Hutton says that when she was starting out in the film industry she received absolutely no help from anyone. Even after she’d built up a substantial résumé of work experience and won prestigious awards she continued to experience discrimination. A directing position that she’d interviewed for was once given to a lesser-experienced young male who’d only been out of film school for three years.

Haley’s Hints Green Edition

Green is the new black. Today, it’s fashionable to be environmentally conscious, yet many of the eco-conscious tips and remedies in Haley’s Hints Green Edition are household remedies and grocery solutions that a hardworking and wise grandmother would have meted out 'back in the day'.

Better Off Alone

Fans like to write goofy stuff like “I love your music!! It’s EPIC. It makes me smiley!!!” on Daydream on Autopilot’s MySpace page, and it’s not hard to understand why.

From the Heart

If you are a hardcore Miles Davis fan, you won’t get much satisfaction from this 12-track nostalgic tribute to Davis classics like “Round Midnight” and “Blue In Green.” Groundbreaking Kind of Blue is Davis’s milestone killer album and *[From the Heart](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001M6FW90?ie=UTF8&tag=feminrevie-20&linkCod

Pearl Earrings with Mother of Pearl Accent

One of the best fashion tips that I’ve ever received is: "Don’t waste money on real pearls. They are easily destroyed by perfume and makeup and the average person can’t tell the difference between fakes and the real thing." That’s one of the reasons that I selected a pair of inexpensive, handmade pearl drop earrings crafted by Designs by K.

Kasia Perfume Oil

Vanilla-infused Kasia is musky, warm, sweet, and sensual. What’s not to like? It’s the perfect understated scent to wear with jeans or to dab on a drop or two before leaving for work. You’ll smell spiffy for a few hours, and it won’t send people fleeing from the elevator like the heavier, “old lady” perfumes. Vanilla scents are highly popular and when you take a whiff of Kasia it’s likely that you’ll think, “I’ve smelled this scent somewhere before.” Wearing it won’t make you smell unique and special, but it’s a nice and elegant scent for daily use. It’s also a bit pricy.

The Last King of Scotland (DVD Special Features)

Viewing The Last King of Scotland's Special Features section is a lot like stopping off for dessert at a fast-food restaurant after dining on a sumptuous five-course meal. In striking comparison to the feature film’s nail-biting tension and riveting drama is “Seven Deleted Scenes,” a special feature that is about as exciting as a bowl of boiled rice, and a nonessential theatrical trailer that should be fast forwarded.

Roar Softly and Carry a Great Lipstick: 28 Women Writers on Life, Sex and Survival

Roar Softly and Carry a Great Lipstick is what you get when you ask twenty-eight opinionated women to share their personal stories; there’s not a wishy-washy essay in the bunch.

Real Punks Don’t Wear Black

In Real Punks Don’t Wear Black, Frank Kogan, noted rock critic and publisher of popular fanzine Why Music Sucks, dishes up heaping platefuls of malcontent, angst, sniping critical analysis, and anti-intellectual rants in a dizzying mishmash of essays, lists, reviews, and salvos focusing on an eclectic menu of singers and bands. Kogan loves to ask "Why?" while pondering the intricate mysteries of the music universe: "Why is music what it is?