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Reviews by Priyanka Nandy

Priyanka Nandy

Priyanka recently terminated a PhD in Economic Anthropology to don the mantle of social entrepreneur. She currently lives in her hometown, Calcutta, helping one of India's first green start-ups find its feet. She is also putting together a non-profit on adult financial education for non- and semi-literate members of India's urban informal workforce.

Priyanka loves street photography, and is nothing deterred at her lack of dazzling brilliance at it. She writes, although mercifully not often, on her personal blog, Sauce! It is, as the name suggests, quite a cheeky enterprise that she enjoy more than she probably should. She also runs a recipe blog as a way of giving back to society, given the sheer number of her friends who live off take-outs, chain-store burgers, microwaveable meals and no vegetables at all—an eating culture she looks upon with grandmaesque disapproval.

Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay's Dance Bars

Beautiful Thing is an eponymous title. It is journalist Sonia Faleiro's first book, about the dancers and not-so-secret prostitutes of the “dance bars” of suburban Bombay (Mumbai). These now-illegal establishments offered the tripartite pleasures of alcohol, enticing women, and Bollywood music. Their dancers were “bootiful” young girls, sometimes in their initial teenage years, and well aware that their “booty”—pun unintended—is what defines them, and keeps them fed and clothed.