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Reviews by Whitney Teal

Whitney Teal

Whitney Teal is a journalist and blogger based in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. A proud alumna of Howard University, she currently edits a neighborhood news website while contributing to women's media, including Elevate Difference and Change.org's Women's Rights cause. Her perspectives on feminism have been quoted on Jezebel.com and Salon.com.

When she's not riffing on issues related to women, people of color and media, she enjoys exploring her passion for defunct lady mags, public radio, vintage accessories and avocados.

Whip Smart: A Memoir

Here's a confession: I've never actually read a memoir before, so I went into Melissa Febos' cleverly titled Whip Smart with complete ignorance. As a result, I'm not sure if the book's half-plot, half-retroactive dime-store psychological self-exploration formula is typical of the genre or not.

The Opposite of Me

Lindsey Rose’s life is perfectly in order when The Opposite of Me opens: She’s hours away from being made a vice-president at a large advertising firm, she weeks away from owning a piece real estate in a tony New York neighborhood, she’s got a closet full of designer clothes, and, oh, she’s only twenty-nine years old.