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D:tox System

Half a million women in the world die every year from breast cancer. One in eight American women will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer in her lifetime. Judging from these startling statistics, it’s not difficult to see why corporations that cater to women have begun creating lines of products that support the fight against this disease.

SPF 30 Mineral Sheer Moisturizer

Everyone has been telling me to increase my consumption and application of, and general proximity to, antioxidants for quite some time, now. A science enthusiast, but minimally educated in the field, it was worth perusal. Of course, I had always thought of oxygen—clean pure air, number eight on the periodic table, part of water—as good. Apparently not. At the cellular level, it can cause the metabolic processes to get funky (that's a technical scientific term) and cause irregularities that may contribute to cancer and disease. Antioxidants mitigate this decay.

Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow

The number of newly unemployed in the United States now equals the size of three cities. I visualize them on a map: Obsoletopolis in the Midwestern Rustbelt, Techbustfield out west, and Down Size to the east. Each would have a flag with a light pink field.

Azure Sanita Professional Clogs / LUSH Foot Products

R.I.P. Fizz, 1995—2009 Yes, I hate being a stereotype-come-to-life, but I have been medically prohibited from wearing anything other than very healthy shoes. At least I do not own many cats. Nor do I own any reptiles, or other exotic pets. Actually, I am on bereavement leave regarding the loss of my dog, an extraordinary shelter Greyhound-Doberman mutt, Fizz. The dog left the planet on Monday, March 23, at 5:15 p.m.

Cocoa Butter Body Cream: Vanilla Mocha

I love my organs! My kidneys are awesome. As bad as I have been to my liver, it has never let me down. My heart is a hard-working love machine. Although, I must say, my absolute favorite organ has to be my skin, and the best part is that I have lots of it! My skin has been so good to me, I am certainly grateful that, even after years of long baby oil tanning sessions, it still appears mildly even-colored, and I haven’t attained that proverbial fried-pork-rind look.


I had no idea that there was so much you could do with salt.

Green Apple Soap

Green Apple Soap comes in a plain package with information about the product and the maker, Karina. There are no logos, and you won’t find any fillers or chemicals in the soap either. The little, translucent green soap bar has a very pleasant smell to it. When it’s wet, it smells a bit stronger than dry (or so I’ve noticed), and as an interesting aside, when the light shines through the wet bar, it’s nice to look at.

Chai Tea Party Sugared Frosting Scrub

http://www.bevperdue.com/ stands for "beyond ordinary bath essentials"—fitting as this product is quite extraordinary and, after trying it, has become an essential addition. The Sugared Frosting Scrub's chai smell is so natural that it would be impossible to tell the difference between it and the real thing, the thick sugar grains melted on my face and body and I came out of the bath glowing and fragrant.

Complexion Bar

I stumbled upon The Soap Factory in Longview, WA while exploring the downtown area nearly seven years ago. I fell in love with the shop and its products instantly, and have continued to order them online after leaving the job in Longview. The Soap Factory's Complexion Bar is a tried and true favorite of mine. While it's not cheap ($6.99), the four-ounce bar lasts a long, long time. (I just bought a new one, having purchased the previous bar in 2006.) With real avocado fruit, carrot juice, shea butter and a host of essential oils, it smells good enough to eat.

Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream

I was immediately drawn to the shave cream from Pure Romance that promised a rash-free shaving experience. The bottle was well packaged and pretty in pink, the Pear Berry scent was sensational and the product lathered well. After reading the product’s background, not only does Pure Romance recommend this product for use on the personal area, it also doubles as a gentle hair conditioner. The Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream guarantees a bump-free shaving experience. While rejoicing that I had received a two-for-one product, I began shaving.

Black Sculpture Lash Mascara

The Black Sculpture Lash Mascara made by Bésame Cosmetics arrives in an impressive display of packaging. The box is decorated with imprinted gold foil flowers, which match the exquisite gold tube adorned with floral scrolls full of high end mascara. The packaging itself would make this mascara an excellent gift to give or to receive. The mascara wand has a medium thickness of bristles, which will work for most any type of lashes. The mascara itself creates thick, dark lashes. I have blonde eyelashes so mascara makes a huge difference in my look.

Shea Butter Gift Set

Packaged in a cute bag, this little gift set arrived smelling great! After a long week at work, a few hours pampering were needed, and this set delivered a great scent and relaxation. Better than the scent is the feeling of soft and smooth skin that comes after a bath using the Botanical Bath Salts, a product that left this woman feeling great. Best of all, this is an all-natural product made from homegrown herbs and natural oils—no preservatives, synthetics or byproducts. A spa experience in a bag, I started out running my bath with the Botanical Bath Salts.

Plum Sculpture Lash Mascara

The mission statement of Bésame Cosmetics is “Effortless Beauty and Elegant Style,” and upon opening my package of plum colored Sculpture Lash Mascara, which was my first experience with the company, the packaging alone delivers on their intent. Sculpture Lash Mascara is their latest product, and it comes in two shades, plum and black. The etched, gold case is eye catching and would add elegant style to even the most fashionable of make-up bags. As for effortless?