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Arachnina, The Spider Girl Perfume Oil

Only three days ago I started wearing Arachnina. And since then, my life has changed completely. As I leave my house in my everyday attire of corsets, hobble skirts with crinolines and feather hats, I notice strange looks and dangling tongues from my intrigued neighbors. While this type of attention never came my way before, this lady must confess that she finds it quite pleasing. In fact, the other day I went for my daily walk along the beach with my English Spaniel and my lacey umbrella and was approached by a very nice lad with a wooden leg and a sweet breath of rum.

Carnival Diabolique Perfume Oil

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is the purveyor of assorted lotions, potions, and oils. Carnival Diabolique arrived in a small amber vial. Seeing as I was about to go to an event that I suspected would be attended by an individual with whom I have been flirting sporadically, but who apparently lacks the insight to realize that I am instantly and entirely adorable, I decided to test the allure potential of the concoction. I twisted off the black cap and applied sploshes behind my ears, on my nape, wrists, behind the knees, ankles, belly, top of mons pubis, and a dollop in my belly button.

The Lion Perfume Oil Blend

When I first opened the vial of "Lion" perfume oil blend, I admit I expected to be olfactory swept away into a sultry, musky, jungle fantasy. I actually had to really poke my nose in the bottle to experience this scent. Though subtle, it does possess a darkly romantic, mysteriously gentle musk. I doused my wrists and went off into my day to test how long this whispery oil could last, especially in the windy dryness of winter.

Smut Perfume Oil Blend

I’ve heard so much from friends and acquaintances about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s scented oils that I jumped at the chance to review one. They describe their scents on their website as intriguing, compelling blends with a dark, romantic Gothic tone, and I couldn’t agree more. "Smut," a limited edition scent, is musky and sweet, all at the same time. It’s a more masculine scent than I would normally wear, but I love it nonetheless. It really lives up to its name, as when I am wearing it, I feel inexplicably sexier, in a Victorian boudoir kind of way.

Black Lily Perfume Oil

Holding the tiny brown bottle in my hand, I felt like an adulteress. After all, I had remained faithful to my own “signature fragrance” for the past five years. As I twisted the cap on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s “Black Lily” perfume oil, I could still smell the hint of my own perfume on my skin. How could this nondescript bottle compare to the perfume I had already grown to love? Almost two weeks have passed since I tried the “Black Lily” perfume oil. Although I have not broken off my relationship with my signature fragrance, I am no longer a one-perfume woman.