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Good Problems

Ah, spring time on a New England college campus! I always forget what it’s like when everyone emerges out of the stacks of the library, poorly-lit dorms, and stuffy classrooms to congregate on the sunny main green.

Janis Joplin: The Woodstock Experience

What is there left to say about Janis Lynn Joplin that hasn’t been said before? It’s been thirty-eight years since she died from a heroin overdose and yet, we continue to call out for an outcast from Texas who was no great beauty. However, this wild haired flower child is the reason why we have female musicians taking over arenas and baring their souls to millions. In her brief time on this earth, Joplin managed to do what few men accomplish in their lifetime, which was rock out without giving a damn.

The Turn of a Friendly Card (Expanded Edition)

Alan Parsons needs no introduction. In addition to his production credits on albums like The Beatles' Abbey Road and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, this iconic musician achieved success with his own band, The Alan Parsons Project.

Only Rock and Roll Can Save Us

Tyler Read’s new album Only Rock & Roll Can Save Us is a refreshing meld of new sounds with classic rock influences. The lyrics are raw and alluring, while the melodies remain catchy. But don’t worry; there is nothing “bubble gum” about this album. The music borders on heavy metal, but the influences of rock and roll legends, such as Queen, keep the sound and lyrics from being too hard.