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Cafe Eterno

Airline travel is always uncomfortable for me; practically the minute I'm off the plane, regardless of how long (or short) the flight, I go hunting for espresso. When my husband and I visited London in April, I wandered the local coffee shops near our Covent Garden hotel in search of an iced mocha. No one, short of Starbucks (and I didn't want to go there), seemed to know what I wanted. Was it a milkshake?

"Decaf Tastes Like Ass" T-Shirt

The Rudechix line is all about honesty – letting your t-shirt/tank top/underwear say what you are too polite to say. Ranging from "I'm Cuter than You" to "Getting Tattoos When I'm 18" baby-wear, the clothes are funky, fun, and full of attitude. They are ideal for women who are tired of the old adage, "Sugar and spice and everything nice." When my t-shirt came in the mail, I was very excited.