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Come for a Cause Kit

From the moment I laid eyes on the Come for a Cause Kit, it was love, or at the very least lust, at first sight. An adorable vibrator, a three-pack of latex protection, and AAA batteries all in one shiny little bag made my heart flutter—but not based on the content alone. The Come for a Cause Kit benefits not one, but two organizations. The condoms benefit Planned Parenthood, while the Papillon vibe proceeds go to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Mamba Condoms

Well, I did make a concerted effort, and asked for a deadline extension, and enlisted the assistance of my women’s book group, but it appears that product testing in this case is indefinitely delayed. I’m in good company: one of the most attractive members of the reading circle, a doe-eyed, winsome, gamin brunette, has informed me that she’s also given up. Another responded, “Oh, yeah—I read the e-mail. But I have a dozen in my drawer, gathering dust.” This is sad.

Mini Classic Personal Pleasure Tin

Absolutely adorable! Roughly about the size of an Altoid box, this tin has it all. Each container comes with three different types of lubricant, mints, condoms and a trash baggy for easy clean up (the original version comes with chocolate sauce). Each tin can be customized with the type of essentials that you prefer such as the condom brand, type of lubricant and even a few added toys designed for people on the go such as a flashlight mini vibrator that can go on your key chain.