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Beaches Eyeshadow Duo

When I think of beauty, I don't necessarily think of New Zealand. Amazing landscape, certainly. Kiwi birds and groves, yes. Extraordinary sheep herds with the corresponding climate legend that there are holes in the ozone induced by ovine methane, sure thing.

Mineral Eye Shadow

Hypoallergenic: chemicals, preservatives and fragrance-free—this product was good to my oh-so-sensitive skin! As someone who likes to experiment with make-up, White Pearl Shimmer Eye Shadow by Jenulence was fun to try out. Especially on my brown complexion! “It looks great,” says a friend. Another agrees, “But it’s better if you wear it to a wedding or a party,” she tells me as we meet up for a morning coffee. “I know!

Mineral Eye Shadow

I have to admit that my taste far exceeds most paychecks I've brought in. There are certain things I have admired from afar, but never thought I would actually own. Mineral makeup is one of those things. Getting to try out Jenulence's mineral eye shadow in Dawn Matte was super fun. I went into the experience as the pleased owner of a mineral powder that decreases the redness in my face and is light, non-greasy and doesn't make me breakout. Who wouldn't love that? When I first saw the color I was a little surprised. The Dawn Matte eye shadow looked pretty grey.