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Kiss Refreshing Body Splash

Kiss is a pheromone-based body splash, used to enhance a woman’s natural sexual scent. Pheromones are specific compounds within our body that can potentially affect the physiology and behavior of others. Infused with an erotic blend of green and white tea extracts these sprays are pure bliss in a bottle! Kiss from Pure Romance may have just become this woman’s favorite scent of all time. Sent the Plumeria for review, it is delicious and has turned more than one head!

Lighten Up Sensual Candle

This candle brings thoughts of all things sensual. The flicker of flame and the widening pool of melted wax offer the quiet motion of calm. Slipping into that dreamy world where beauty is a friend and logic says its time to take a day. It’s the music you’ve wanted to hear, and the whoosh of cars passing by outside becomes that of ocean waves washing over you. Somehow it all flows better under water, and you are in deep now with only this flickering beacon to light your path away from the humdrum and into a world of the senses.

Transformation Candle

Aptly enough, I first lit my Werewolf Collection Transformation candle during a full moon. Fortunately, no silver bullets were needed, as this candle merely transformed my room with scent. A mixture of spicy woodland berries and red currant, this candle's deep, pleasant aroma reminds me of men's cologne. As with all of the other Dark Candles I have tried, Transformation's essence is subtle and soft, leaving a gentle aroma in its wake when lit. If you don't like being overwhelmed by aromatherapy, then you will enjoy the light fragrance in these candles.

Pumpkin & Spice Candle

I love Halloween. Every year, I throw a big party in honor of All Hallow's Eve, where I go all out with decorations and spooky-themed food. At least half of the food I serve incorporates pumpkins in some manner; their smell and taste are just so comforting to me. So that's why I was excited to test my Pumpkin & Spice Candle, from the Halloween Collection by Dark Candles. As soon as I opened the wrapper, that wonderful pumpkin pie scent greeted me, gently filling the room after I lit it. The warm, spiced aroma is lovely, and makes me long for fall, even though it's summertime.

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods: Bilquis

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has created a line of perfume oils inspired by the characters, places and ideas from Neil Gaiman’s best selling novel American Gods. In addition to always being animal testing-free, 100% of the proceeds from the American Gods Collection go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which protects the First Amendment Rights of the comic book community.

Basic Instinct Sex Attractant

Pheromones: gimmick or aphrodisiac? Pure Romance would tell you the latter is definitely the case. “Next time you are headed out, dab a little Basic Instinct behind your ears, on your neck, and wrists and watch as people are drawn to you!” the company’s website exhorts. I decided to put Basic Instinct Sex Attractant to the test. I applied it liberally and headed to the mall, where I was immediately approached by a man in the food court. It’s actually working! I thought. Turned out he was just handing out teriyaki chicken samples. They were good. I had two.

Smut Perfume Oil Blend

I’ve heard so much from friends and acquaintances about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s scented oils that I jumped at the chance to review one. They describe their scents on their website as intriguing, compelling blends with a dark, romantic Gothic tone, and I couldn’t agree more. "Smut," a limited edition scent, is musky and sweet, all at the same time. It’s a more masculine scent than I would normally wear, but I love it nonetheless. It really lives up to its name, as when I am wearing it, I feel inexplicably sexier, in a Victorian boudoir kind of way.

Anne Bonney Perfume Oil Blend

This intense, rich oil is listed under the Bewitching category on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website with this description: “Named in honor of the most notorious female pirate to ever set sail. Wicked, cruel, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and dangerous: a true role model. A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense.” I found it to be heady, sensual and altogether delightful. A very small amount lasts for several hours, and it would be far too easy to overdo application for the office.

Black Lily Perfume Oil

Holding the tiny brown bottle in my hand, I felt like an adulteress. After all, I had remained faithful to my own “signature fragrance” for the past five years. As I twisted the cap on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s “Black Lily” perfume oil, I could still smell the hint of my own perfume on my skin. How could this nondescript bottle compare to the perfume I had already grown to love? Almost two weeks have passed since I tried the “Black Lily” perfume oil. Although I have not broken off my relationship with my signature fragrance, I am no longer a one-perfume woman.

Snake Oil Perfume Oil Blend

With the right concept, packaging alone can sell a product. Bath & body products are my favorite for this – in fact, my bathroom décor is mostly comprised of attractively packaged products. If the bottle looks neat, they've probably won me. “Snake Oil” is produced by the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, which carries a line of popular perfume oils aimed at goths. The label looks like a carnival poster, asserting, “Cures what ails ya. Accept no substitutes.” The advertising is ingenious: my fragrance came with an Ouija board-shaped magnet. But the contents are just as appealing as the bottle.