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Living Ghosts

Attention all ye steampunk aficionados, Absinthe Junk accomplishes what their name implies—they’re a fitting band for your gears, gadgets, corsets, and metal-worked jewelry! Their press album, Living Ghosts presents an adequate sampling of their haunting metal sound. A time-tested combination of steely guitars and an ethereal lead female voice place the band solidly within a genre recognized by metal, rockers, and goth fans alike.

Between 10 and 2

How do you solve a problem like TyLean? Perhaps it is her pre-occupation with nihilism, an ethos that I give about as much credit to as what Walter does in The Big Lebowski. I mean, seriously? She really believes in the ultimate worthlessness of everything?

The New Divine

Let's just get this one thing out of the way right now, shall we? It's safe to say that if you're not of the goth/industrial/EBM/metal persuasion, then The New Divine, from Austin, TX foursome Lust Murder bOX (LMb), will not be your bag. These twelve tunes are for the seasoned spooky aficionado. But if you're adventurous enough, give it a go.

Lizzie Borden (09/10/2009)

How do you spin a nursery rhyme into a full-length musical? In this case, the uber-creepy poem in question is, thankfully, based in reality: the eponymous Lizzie Borden who reputedly “took an axe” and “gave her father forty whacks” was a real life New England girl accused—and acquitted—of murdering both her parents in the late nineteenth century, so there’s more than enough material to mine.


A is for Accident, a Portland-based duo of Andrew Klaus and Julie Baird, is driven by Baird’s song writing and reverence for 1980s bands like Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and The Cure.

Wannabes, Goths, and Christians: The Boundaries of Sex, Style, and Status

Labels—freak, geek, wigger, poser, prep, to name just a few—are plentiful and ever-expanding, flourishing in the fertile social grounds of high school and college. Often, labels are used against individuals, assigned and branded as tools of marginalization and preservation of social hierarchies. Amy C.

Reflective Girl Tee

Boasting funky girl tees, Furlesque certainly delivers with the beautiful "Reflective Girl." Featuring a lovely drawing of a sorrowful (or the obvious "reflective") girl adorned with roses on the front of the shirt, this is one of the most original designs that I've seen to date. And I wasn't the only one to think so—I've never received so many compliments on a t-shirt in my life! Sheer and lightweight, this tee was a grand slam in comfort. A funky and beautiful mauve color (called "cherry") was something that stood out to me.

Solo Girl Tee

The face that launched a thousand shirts. Okay, don’t quote me on the numbers. But believe me when I say this Solo Girl tee – the first in a line of edgy tops – rocks. How many positive thoughts can one shirt induce? Let’s see. One: soft. There’s nothing better than a truly touchable tee, and this one delivers. Two: work of art. The shirt’s understated dusty green hue and baby pink trim perfectly complements the Solo Girl centerpiece. Her pensive demeanor, oversized head, and anorexic body evoke compassion, pity, discomfort, and familiarity all in one shot. Three: flattering.

Distressed Goth Girl Tee

So the Goth phase passed with the nineties, but that doesn’t mean you can't still wear a distressed little Goth girl on your tee to reflect your inner darkness. Furlesque’s tees look handmade, and there is no reason to doubt that they came from a hand-painted watercolor design. Their tees are soft to the touch and a little see through, but not too pleasing on the eye. Either the design of the little Goth girl in the middle is too small or there just isn’t enough to make this tee shirt feel like more than a fashion victim of a Goth trend.

Ginger Brooch

Ugly yet endearing, the Damned Dollies brooches have that freak chic element that appeals to the fourteen-year-old goth girl inside all of us. Approximately two inches tall, the handmade brooches are big enough to make a fashion statement yet small enough not to hinder regular movement and can be secured easily to a bag or jacket. As the Damned Dollies website claims, I received a brooch similar to, but not exactly like, the model shown online. The online version of the Ginger Brooch featured a red-haired doll with a white top and pink patterned skirt.

Skull Star “Pretty In Pink” Sheet Set

My approach to interior design is somewhat offbeat. Between my bright purple walls, baby blue sink and curtains made from Halloween-themed fabric, I like my décor to be fun and reflect my tastes. I enjoy working around the house, and it's always neat to find home and garden items with character. Needlesstosay, I was absolutely thrilled about this sheet set. Made by Sin In Linen, the Skull Star "Pretty In Pink” sheet set is not only bedding that features skulls, but it is also PINK. Bright, vivid, awesome pink. As a Goth with a love of pastels, this was right up my alley.