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Origami Pyramid Bag

It’s a hot July evening and I’m feeling like a wilted flower. Fashion has always been a great pick-me-up and I’m looking forward to sporting Silvermint’s strawberry Origami Pyramid Bag with a simple black sundress to a friend’s party. The bag attracted me with its unique design, convenient wristlet style, and high quality, interestingly-textured fabric and materials.

Cream Bird Pouch

Designs of the avian persuasion are undeniably ubiquitous on the fashion scene today. From quirky sparrows and stylized blackbirds to elegant peacocks and vintage-y pheasants, flighty, feathered friends can be found everywhere from jewelry to body art, stationary to head gear, and more. Now from The Wren Design comes the whimsical and functional Cream Bird Pouch*. The Bird Pouch is hand-crafted in a pretty textured cream colored linen, embossed with a faint paisley pattern.