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Tattoo Flash Print Dishtowels

Sin in Linen, purveyor of retro and punk rock patterned household goods, sent Elevate Difference and this feminist reviewer a pair of their new Tattoo Flash Print Dishtowels. I’m not sure what to review: their utility? As Courtney Love once sang, “I don’t do the dishes, I throw them in the crib.” Do I test them for feminist purity? Included among the sacred hearts, horseshoes, and flames are bikini-clad pinup girls, one of whom strikes a squatting-at-the-strip-club-in-platforms pose that is less Bettie Page than Jenna Jameson.

Small Decorative Mosaic Tile Bowl

My paternal grandmother had a thing for butterscotch and caramels, and as the ubiquitous good hostess, she kept the sugary treats in a small bowl in her living room to offer house guests upon their arrival. I always wondered what the deal was with these two particular candies, which seems be favorites among a geriatric crowd. Perhaps this is simply my own ingrained stereotype gained as a result of my grandmother's ever-present hospitality that I now choose to imprint on the world.