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Jeans Team started life as a Berlin-based video art performance group, but they soon evolved into making electronic music for the masses.

Franchise Player 01

Dance music, by definition, is meant for dance floors, but it would be mistake to assume that dance artists are lazy or unskilled. JT Donaldson is known as an important house music producer and remixer who not only creates music that is enjoyable to dance to, but also is compelling and aesthetically intriguing. The work of dance music producers often is undervalued because they are lumped in with disposable genres, like disco or dance-pop, but Donaldson deserves the acclaim he’s garnered for his work.

At Home and Unaffected

At Home and Unaffected starts off deceptively poppy. "Whose Side Are You On?" could be heard on any Top 40 radio station in the country, if it would only get rid of those glitchy noises. From the beginning of "At Home Part One," however, the listener gets an idea of what he or she is really in for – an Intellegent Dance Music album with surprising vocals and samples.