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Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow

The number of newly unemployed in the United States now equals the size of three cities. I visualize them on a map: Obsoletopolis in the Midwestern Rustbelt, Techbustfield out west, and Down Size to the east. Each would have a flag with a light pink field.

Beaches Eyeshadow Duo

When I think of beauty, I don't necessarily think of New Zealand. Amazing landscape, certainly. Kiwi birds and groves, yes. Extraordinary sheep herds with the corresponding climate legend that there are holes in the ozone induced by ovine methane, sure thing.

Mineral Eye Shadow

Hypoallergenic: chemicals, preservatives and fragrance-free—this product was good to my oh-so-sensitive skin! As someone who likes to experiment with make-up, White Pearl Shimmer Eye Shadow by Jenulence was fun to try out. Especially on my brown complexion! “It looks great,” says a friend. Another agrees, “But it’s better if you wear it to a wedding or a party,” she tells me as we meet up for a morning coffee. “I know!

Mineral Blush (Satin Collection)

I have always loved makeup, so I was excited when I received this blush for review. I liked the small round container it came in: slick, black with a transparent lid , the name “Jenulence” emblazoned across the top. I think that it would be great for traveling or throwing in your purse. It has a screw on lid so there is no chance for spillage. The bottom label is in gold and contains the name, site address, ingredients, weight and the fact that it is made in the U.S. These are all crucial elements. There were a few problems, though.

Black Sculpture Lash Mascara

The Black Sculpture Lash Mascara made by Bésame Cosmetics arrives in an impressive display of packaging. The box is decorated with imprinted gold foil flowers, which match the exquisite gold tube adorned with floral scrolls full of high end mascara. The packaging itself would make this mascara an excellent gift to give or to receive. The mascara wand has a medium thickness of bristles, which will work for most any type of lashes. The mascara itself creates thick, dark lashes. I have blonde eyelashes so mascara makes a huge difference in my look.

Plum Sculpture Lash Mascara

The mission statement of Bésame Cosmetics is “Effortless Beauty and Elegant Style,” and upon opening my package of plum colored Sculpture Lash Mascara, which was my first experience with the company, the packaging alone delivers on their intent. Sculpture Lash Mascara is their latest product, and it comes in two shades, plum and black. The etched, gold case is eye catching and would add elegant style to even the most fashionable of make-up bags. As for effortless?

Mosaicii Makeup Bag

I don’t even own a lot of makeup, y’all, but when this make up bag came through my door, I knew I had to have it. Tanja Koch has an eye for fabrics and uses a diverse mix of vintage, mod, and retro patterns to create bags and wristlets that attract the hip and the fashion conscious. As if the interesting outer fabrics aren’t enough, the bag also has a beautiful, smooth, satin lining.