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Scenes from the Silent Revolution

Jess Rowland could not have created the tour de force, Scenes From The Silent Revolution, at a better time than during our current epoch, as we find that we have been swimming in the muck of corporate culture for decades. Rowland punctures the shrink-wrap that corporations have fixed around ourdaily lives with a CD and DVD that leaves you feeling raw and unsettled. The DVD includes three scenes: “Ashcroft vs. The Space Librarians,” “The Barbie Explosion” and “McDonaldland is Changing.” The soundtrack is a thing of genius.


Dave Morris, a former postman, and Helen Steel, a gardener, both lead quiet lives in London, England before getting involved in one of the most influential libel suits the world had ever seen. The meetings, pickets and fliers they created in protest of the global fast food chain McDonalds worked so well that spies, secret investigations and even a lawsuit were used against the two activists. The lawsuit, and subsequent appeals, spanned fifteen years, and its effects are still being felt.