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Nothing But a Dog

Timmy and Lassie. Henry and Ribsy. Henry and Mudge. Shiloh, Sounder, Old Yeller. All great, classic stories. All beautiful illustrations of the so-called timeless bond between boy and dog. But where are the stories about girl and dog? There’s Because of Winn-Dixie and it, too, is a deservedly award-winning classic. But where is the rest of the canon?

The Tiger Next Door

"Experts estimate that there are now more tigers in private captivity in the USA than there are roaming wild in the world." This is the opening line from The Tiger Next Door, a compelling documentary about the surprisingly widespread practice of breeding, selling, and owning exotic animals in the United States. The film focuses on Dennis Hill, a big cat owner who resides in Indiana.

The Pet-Moving Handbook: Maximize Your Pet's Well-Being And Maintain Your Sanity

In today’s bookstore, finding a barebones look at anything can be a rarity. But if you’re considering relocating sometime in the next year and plan on taking anything from a fish to a flock of cats, it would be wise to consider investing in The Pet-Moving Handbook. At fewer than sixty pages, the guide is straightforward and frill-free in a field so often overrun with all things precious.