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Climax Silicone Splash Dolphin Vibrator

I was immediately intrigued by the vibrant blue and white swirl sea mammal design of the Climax Silicone Splash Dolphin vibrator. Although the toy is nearly six inches long (and just over one inch thick), only four inches of the Dolphin can be used for insertion, so deep thrusting is out of the question. For those who prefer a smoother texture, the silicone offers a soft, flesh-like feel.

Silicone Fun Vibes Wavy G

Add a seven-inch multi-speed phallic vibrator to your pleasure chest this year by snagging the Silicone Fun Vibes Wavy G in a vibrant cerulean blue. (Two double-A batteries are not included, so be sure to grab some!) This vibrator has three gentle "waves" and ends in a softly rounded, curved, bulbous tip.

Climax Silicone EZ Bend Ripple Shaft

The Climax Silicone EZ Bend Ripple Shaft is a 6.25 inch, insertable silicone vibrator. How it claims to be unique amongst the bevy of other silicone vibrators is the bendable design, which allows the vibrator to be contorted to the contours of one's particular body. The smoothness of the silicone makes the vibrator appealing to use. Also conducive to its use is the spin dial at the end of the shaft, which controls the speed and intensity of the vibe.