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Bliss Bodice and Bamboozlement Bloomers

That which is covered or veiled in chiffon, silk or lace can intrigue more frequently than the rawly exposed. The scene that continues once the screen fades makes me smile more than any clinical documentation. (Obvious, boring, lacking subtlety...) Also, most agree that some sort of underwear is a practical necessity. Under the Root offers comfortable and charming designs of historically inspired but contemporary coaxing clothing.

Hot Boy Shorts

GirliePants is a fun company that creates cute and ironic designs for underwear and tank tops. The pair of underwear that I was sent were a royal blue color with a wickedly cute drawing of a flame on the butt that simply said “Hot” underneath. The design of the image is wonderfully playful, and I think I would wear the underwear all the time if they were actually comfortable.  Maybe mine were a size too big, but I experienced the underwear riding up my ass all day long. The cut on the boy shorts is simply awkward.

Super Beaver Panties

I'm the kind of person who cannot tolerate uncomfortable clothing. That's not to say I'm perpetually sweatsuit clad, but I'm certainly not the type to hobble around in six-inch heels just because they're hot. I love fashion, but at the end of the day, I'm not willing to maim myself in order to look good.  Of course, my stringent standards of comfort apply 100% to my undergarments. A lady walks a fine line in this arena. A girl like me needs her undies to walk the walk (be practical) and talk the talk (be fun).

My Pussy Rocks Panties

These vibrant cherry red briefs are 100% cotton and made in the U.S. by independently-owned Girlie Pants, who prints their designs on American Apparel underwear. The thing that makes these panties unique is the front stencil, which stands out because the caricature on the front is of a hand with two fingers up in the classic and universal rock fork symbol. Above the hand in little black writing are the words "My Pussy Rocks." The fingernails on the hands are painted black, and there is a black band around the wrist.