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Bcute Curve

You know the panties you like: the old pair that look like they've had their time and then some; the ones you won't get rid of because they're so comfy, but would never dream of wearing for a first date? While they'll continue to live a lengthy drawer life, your personal massager—the only thing likely laying beside them—most likely will not.

Thus, you may need the Bcute Curve from B Swish. At less than four inches, this massager is true to its name. Small and smooth to the touch, it can easily find a storage place and is convenient for travel. With multiple speeds, you can choose your pleasure level and have plenty of room to experiment. With a waterproof silicone design, you can be as adventurous or naughty as you like.

If the Bcute Curve is not the style for you, don't be discouraged. B Swish offers an assortment of massagers that appeal to anyone’s desire for private time pleasure. Not only do the products impress, but the company's website is an experience in and of itself. Perusing the easy to navigate site, you'll find yourself feeling sexy just by looking. Equally satisfying is that B Swish cares for the woman's body. Their line of Pjur lubricants and essentials are gentle on irritated and sensitive skin.

In addition to the great designs and products, the price is right. B Swish does an excellent job of combining sexy with quality, while making it affordable. The company also believes in not harming the environment and only produces their massagers with ABS plastics that are RoHS and FDA compliant, which means you get the strength and reliability without harmful toxins.

Bcute, bclassic or bcurious, but whatever you be, be savvy with B Swish.

Written by: Irene Wazgowska, May 26th 2010

i wouldn't mind at all if a woman i dated used the Bcute Curve from B Swish on herself while watching me male-modeling my comfy old panties. There. i just DID dream of wearing them on a first date. Maybe i should get the Bcute Curve for whomever i'm dating. That probably would be a good idea.