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In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play (8/29/2010)

“Please turn off anything that beeps, buzzes, or vibrates.” And with that comic admonishment to the audience, Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer Sarah Ruhl’s play about the advent of vibrators began. The setting is Dr. Givings home, where his living room is located next to, and within earshot of, the “surgical theater.” Here, Dr. Givings (played by Eric Hissom) treats hysteria, a “medical ailment” dating back to about 300 BC, when Hippocrates thought women’s madness stemmed from their womb.

Fast Feminism

Autonomedia has just published Fast Feminism, the latest book by the performance philosopher and associate professor in Political Science at York University, Shannon Bell. The book contains 198 pages, including thirty-one plates taken of Bell's genitalia during masturbation/ejaculation performances.

Bcute Curve

You know the panties you like: the old pair that look like they've had their time and then some; the ones you won't get rid of because they're so comfy, but would never dream of wearing for a first date? While they'll continue to live a lengthy drawer life, your personal massager—the only thing likely laying beside them—most likely will not. Thus, you may need the Bcute Curve from B Swish. At less than four inches, this massager is true to its name.

Couture Collection Tsunami

A vibe is a vibe is a vibe right? The way I see it, how many varieties of vibrators can there possibly be? Well, a lot! There are a ton of vibrators out there and depending on what you are looking for, you can get exactly the one that features everything you desire. The Couture Collection Tsunami Silicone Vibrator is a G-spot stimulator, seven-function, Japanese silicone vibrator available for purchase at a variety of sex toy shops.

Emma's Passion Garden Water Lily

Finding the right vibrator is a difficult choice. Too weak and it will not get the job done. Too strong... well, there will be some discomfort the next day. The Water Lily model from California Exotic Novelties' line Emma's Passion Garden claims “flowers are a girl's best friend,” but how well does it work? The Water Lily is not a scary looking vibrator.

Doc Johnson Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Vibe

People do not like to think of themselves as inadequate or deformed. Therefore, while I do not doubt that this is a perfectly adequate small vibrator with external stimulator, I do doubt that I have a G-spot, or that it is even an established existing anatomical structure. But, low—review the internet again, and it is revealed that I might, indeed, be a mutant. Although, glance once more, and other researchers conclude “the G-spot is rather a perception created by non physiological factors that can cause a heightened sexual sensation” (Journal of Sexual Medicine, January 4, 2010).

Blueberry Buzz

The Blueberry Buzz vibrator looks like a good time, if a good time brings the 1970s disco era to mind—you dancing with your friends in a place overflowing with neon electric lights and disco music. This vibrator, in a loud neon electric blue, looks like a lava lamp, only in miniature.

Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex

If you’re looking for a book about anything and everything related to sex, look no further than Moregasm. It starts with the basics—getting to know the lay of the land on a woman’s body. It moves on to a thorough discussion of orgasms, masturbation, and toys; a chapter on men; an exploration of what can turn you on; a how-to on sex with the hand or mouth; penis-in-vagina intercourse; safe sex practices; and a question and answer section.

Silicone Night Time Buddy

Virgins beware. This dick does not come with training wheels. For weeks I looked forward to my pale pink Night Time Buddy. The picture I saw online made it look so cute... and effective. Upon opening the box, however, cute was not what came to mind.

Blossom Sleeve

Billed as ‘The Personal Choice of The Wicked™ Girls’ (though what they would do with it is far from obvious), the Blossom Sleeve is a ‘deep penetrating’ four-inch, ribbed tunnel made of Senso® material. Remember those twenty-five cent rubberish spiders that stuck to the wall it was thrown against, and subsequently 'walked' down? That's the stuff this is made of. Who ever said squishy toy spiders don’t feel anything like vaginas? The Blossom Sleeve even has eight little petals standing in for labia minora. But I’m making this all sound less appealing than it actually is.