Elevate Difference

Black Diamond Beaver

I chose the Black Diamond Beaver vibe because it was one of the larger shaft sizes available, and the picture made me squeal out loud. It’s definitely the sexiest beaver vibe I’ve ever seen.

Black Diamond Beaver didn’t disappoint once the box was opened. It has a sleek, shiny, black body and a see-through shaft that houses three rows of spinning silver beads. A silver beaver and diamond-like crystals all around the base complete the aesthetic package, and running through its settings while just holding it in my hand was exciting in itself.

Packed with several handy features, this vibe is multi-speed, with separate controls for vibration strength and rotation speed. A center control reverses direction of rotation, and this clever selection allows for some interesting maneuvers. All of the controls are set into the base and light up to show their present setting.

The shaft and head of the vibe are anatomically representative, with a beaver vibrator/stimulator attached along the top length. The beaver’s tongue oscillates with the speed of vibration selected. The motor sound is really only noticeable on the highest settings, and it was not loud enough to be a distraction.

Black Diamond Beaver is waterproof for shower or pool use, and is also phthalate free. I did have to let it air out for a day or two to dissipate the strong plastic smell, but washing it a few times sped up the process.

A few design flaws came up swiftly during my solo trial run. The control pad is flush to the base, and the buttons are not raised, so you can’t tell which one you are pressing until the action occurs. This is a distinct problem when the buttons are now upside down, facing away from you, your hands are covered in lube, and the button you just pressed was exactly the opposite of the one you were aiming for.

Also, although the head and shaft are a nice size, and the head has a good solid feel, the center see-through section is only a thin layer of covering over the bead spinner, so even a small amount of pressure stops the rotation completely. This causes the motor to whine and you have to abruptly stop whatever it was you were attempting. No squeezing allowed, my friends.

The portion of the shaft between the beaver and the head is very short, it is almost impossible to have any recognition of the inserted head before being impaled by the beaver. I understand you buy this kind of vibe because you want the beaver, but in this case it presents two problems. First, there is very little clearance between the shaft and the beaver, so if you are at all thickly made, it is hard to get the beaver’s tongue to reach its target, and it just ends up poking you. The second is that the tongue is surprisingly hard, and when going at high vibration it actually feels quite sharp.

I could have gotten around the beaver issue by just flipping it onto the bottom side, but the head and shaft above was a miserable tease. The shaft head was lovely; it had a nice texture that picked up body heat and worked well with lube, but once just past the head, you slide immediately onto the collapsing center section, at which point the motor freeze bursts whatever fantasy bubble you were busily constructing.

This is a clear case of beauty over function. If you are looking for something visually exciting, and you have a partner who likes strong clitoral sensation without much insertion, this would be a great choice. During partner play, you would be able to choose the desired settings and have control over the action sequences. But if, like me, you’re looking for full insertion capability coupled with the additional features, this beaver is likely not the right animal for you.

Written by: Melissa Ruiz, September 15th 2010