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Black Diamond Beaver

I chose the Black Diamond Beaver vibe because it was one of the larger shaft sizes available, and the picture made me squeal out loud. It’s definitely the sexiest beaver vibe I’ve ever seen.

RingO & BabeLicious

Sweets for your sweet. Available in Dulce de Leche, Pomegranate Vanilla, Mojito Mint, and Chocolate Orange, the virtues of Babeland’s new BabeLicious flavored gel lubricant are more numerous than its flavors. Babeland has delivered my most favorite lube ever. It’s glycerin and paraben free, the lack of dyes means it doesn’t stain the sheets, and the fact that it doesn’t have sugar shields the user from that cause of yeast infections.

Couture Collection Tsunami

A vibe is a vibe is a vibe right? The way I see it, how many varieties of vibrators can there possibly be? Well, a lot! There are a ton of vibrators out there and depending on what you are looking for, you can get exactly the one that features everything you desire. The Couture Collection Tsunami Silicone Vibrator is a G-spot stimulator, seven-function, Japanese silicone vibrator available for purchase at a variety of sex toy shops.

Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out!

Courtney Trouble, the creator of Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out!, is one of the hottest new directors of queer porn. After creating No Fauxxx in March 2002—a website with 150 models, twenty videos, and a free social networking community—Trouble started making full-length queer porn videos. She has also been in a few porn films herself, which she says adds to her respect for those in front of the camera.

Pleasure Me Purse Kit

To get it in the open and out of the way: the item’s name, Pleasure Me Purse, is a command to someone else.

Emma's Passion Garden Water Lily

Finding the right vibrator is a difficult choice. Too weak and it will not get the job done. Too strong... well, there will be some discomfort the next day. The Water Lily model from California Exotic Novelties' line Emma's Passion Garden claims “flowers are a girl's best friend,” but how well does it work? The Water Lily is not a scary looking vibrator.

Doc Johnson Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Vibe

People do not like to think of themselves as inadequate or deformed. Therefore, while I do not doubt that this is a perfectly adequate small vibrator with external stimulator, I do doubt that I have a G-spot, or that it is even an established existing anatomical structure. But, low—review the internet again, and it is revealed that I might, indeed, be a mutant. Although, glance once more, and other researchers conclude “the G-spot is rather a perception created by non physiological factors that can cause a heightened sexual sensation” (Journal of Sexual Medicine, January 4, 2010).

Blueberry Buzz

The Blueberry Buzz vibrator looks like a good time, if a good time brings the 1970s disco era to mind—you dancing with your friends in a place overflowing with neon electric lights and disco music. This vibrator, in a loud neon electric blue, looks like a lava lamp, only in miniature.

Climax Silicone Splash Dolphin Vibrator

I was immediately intrigued by the vibrant blue and white swirl sea mammal design of the Climax Silicone Splash Dolphin vibrator. Although the toy is nearly six inches long (and just over one inch thick), only four inches of the Dolphin can be used for insertion, so deep thrusting is out of the question. For those who prefer a smoother texture, the silicone offers a soft, flesh-like feel.

Silicone Fun Vibes Wavy G

Add a seven-inch multi-speed phallic vibrator to your pleasure chest this year by snagging the Silicone Fun Vibes Wavy G in a vibrant cerulean blue. (Two double-A batteries are not included, so be sure to grab some!) This vibrator has three gentle "waves" and ends in a softly rounded, curved, bulbous tip.

Climax Silicone EZ Bend Ripple Shaft

The Climax Silicone EZ Bend Ripple Shaft is a 6.25 inch, insertable silicone vibrator. How it claims to be unique amongst the bevy of other silicone vibrators is the bendable design, which allows the vibrator to be contorted to the contours of one's particular body. The smoothness of the silicone makes the vibrator appealing to use. Also conducive to its use is the spin dial at the end of the shaft, which controls the speed and intensity of the vibe.

Silicone Night Time Buddy

Virgins beware. This dick does not come with training wheels. For weeks I looked forward to my pale pink Night Time Buddy. The picture I saw online made it look so cute... and effective. Upon opening the box, however, cute was not what came to mind.

First Timer's Kit

When I read the name of this product set, I laughed. First time? If you're old enough to tap the keyboard, you're probably familiar with repeatedly hitting 'shift' until the screen goes blue. It's like the old joke: “What do you call people who don't masturbate? Liars.” Then I paused and reflected that the "first time," without doubt, referred to mechanical enhancement. My first vibe was a gift from a college pal, a basic bullet model much like Early to Bed's Mary.

SexIs: Sex and All Things Sexual

There are an abundance of websites about sex, gender, and pleasure that range from academic, theoretical discussions to medical descriptions to sexual how-to guides, and I was admittedly skeptical of SexIs, a sex-positive community devoted to “sex and all things sexual” started by online sex toy company Eden Fantasies. Updated weekly by a diverse collection of writers (including Feminist Review founder Mandy Van Deven), [SexIs](http://www.edenfantasys.com/se

Better Than Chocolate Vibe

Italian researcher Dr. Andrea Salonia believes that women who eat chocolate have better “overall sexual function and sexual desire” than women who shun it. Chocolate is even said to have aphrodisiac qualities due to two chemicals: tryptophan, which increases serotonin (a feel-good mood stabilizer), and a stimulant similar to amphetamine that “is released in the brain when we fall in love." Still, the debate rages on. So which is better—sex or chocolate? And, if it is sex, can a vibrator make the same a claim?

Come for a Cause Kit

From the moment I laid eyes on the Come for a Cause Kit, it was love, or at the very least lust, at first sight. An adorable vibrator, a three-pack of latex protection, and AAA batteries all in one shiny little bag made my heart flutter—but not based on the content alone. The Come for a Cause Kit benefits not one, but two organizations. The condoms benefit Planned Parenthood, while the Papillon vibe proceeds go to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Tom and Sally’s Body Paint

When it comes to sex, everyone wants a little something to spice up the night and make the bed sizzle. Whether its garter belts, handcuffs, or studded leather whips, there’s no such thing as a fantasy that can’t be fulfilled with some helpful accessories. The old saying, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” may have been proven centuries ago by a naughty mistress who realized that if a lover can be satisfied with a hearty meal, imagine all the possibilities food can awaken on a quivering body.

Bunny Love Kit

There’s something to be said for a sex toy that intimidates your boyfriend. Upon seeing the Rabbit Habit in the Bunny Love Kit, my partner looked at me and said, “Well, it’s finally happened. I’m officially outdated and have been replaced by technology. There’s no way I can do all of that.” Luckily for him, I don't expect him to. Technology has come a long way, indeed, and the Bunny Love Kit has all of the makings for a night (or day… or weekend… or…) of intense and mind-blowing self-satisfaction.

Blossom Sleeve

Billed as ‘The Personal Choice of The Wicked™ Girls’ (though what they would do with it is far from obvious), the Blossom Sleeve is a ‘deep penetrating’ four-inch, ribbed tunnel made of Senso® material. Remember those twenty-five cent rubberish spiders that stuck to the wall it was thrown against, and subsequently 'walked' down? That's the stuff this is made of. Who ever said squishy toy spiders don’t feel anything like vaginas? The Blossom Sleeve even has eight little petals standing in for labia minora. But I’m making this all sound less appealing than it actually is.

Pulsa Bath Ball

The Pulsa Bath Ball by Pure Romance, the company best known for taking Tupperware parties to the next level, is your basic, no frills massager. Consisting of a grapefruit-sized loofah with a vibrating motor in its center, the Pulsa Bath is a massager intended for use in the bath or shower. Given how annoyingly loud the massager is when turned on, I would opt for the shower since the running water does a pretty good job of masking the motor’s whirl.

Intimacy Kit

I LOVED THIS!!! But before I start raving about how great this product is, let me get a few perfunctory criticisms out of the way: The non-phallic (and, hence, non-threatening) vibrator should come with AAA batteries... or the package should sport verbiage about how batteries are required. The cardboard insert did not hold the pleasantly fruit-scented products in place. When I opened the box, I found all of the bottles had slid out of their respective places and were clustered into a messy jumble in right-hand corner of the box. 3.

Waterproof Vibrating Body Scrunchie

This nylon mesh scrunchie from California Exotic Novelties appears, at first glance, to be a normal scrunchie. Its pastel pink plastic layers disguise a removable cylindrical micro-massager about two inches in length. This softcore scrunchie lightly vibrates at a single frequency with the turning dial situated at one end, requiring two hands to turn the device on and off. However, the scrunchie can easily be held in the palm of one hand if already set to vibrate. As the box advertises, the stimulator is waterproof, holding up well even when immersed.

"Screaming O" Vibrating Cock Ring

The "Screaming O" Vibrating Cock Ring seems like a great way to make safe sex fun. Disposable and designed to be used with a condom, the pink, jelly-like cock ring has a tiny vibrator that transmits decently powerful vibrations from the base of the phallus (penis or dildo—the packaging invites either option) to the vulva during penetration. While the vibe worked just fine, my partner found it too distracting to be much as much fun as it promised, claiming it detracted from the multiplicity of sensations he typically enjoys.

Natural Contours' Superbe

Several years ago, when I first read that Candida Royalle was going to start making vibrators, I couldn’t wait to try one out for size. The price, however, kept me from making their acquaintance. With a list price now around $25, that problem has now been remedied, but a new one has taken its place. As with many a first time, I came away wishing it had been just a little bigger. Five inches long with a curve in the middle, the Superbe couldn’t reach both ends of my girly parts at the same time. This could have been sorted out, if I hadn’t been distracted by that NOISE!

Swinger's Pad

Available only through Womyn's Ware, a Vancouver-based company that promotes consumer advocacy and a focus on sexual products "for the celebration and empowerment of women's sexuality," the Swinger's Pad is a figure eight shaped pad with different sized tips arranged in two flower-like patterns for clit stimulation and a hole through which to place various sex toys. Depending on what position the owner of this pad is attempting, the pad can be used alone or in a harness for clit stimulation when thrusting with a dildo or butt plug, or around the shaft of the penis to create a clitoral pad o

Chocolate Hazelnut Massage Candle

Babeland—a top sex toy retailer—offers plenty of bedroom additions perfect for making that next romantic night more memorable. The company prides itself on being female-friendly and encourages women to explore all areas of their sexuality. Customers can privately shop from their home computers or venture into one of their stores in New York, Seattle, or Los Angeles. Their aromatic massage candle is one of their more traditional yet intriguing products. As the candle melts, luxuriously scented massage oil forms.

Silk Touch Egg Vibe

Sea foam green and shaped like soft serve ice cream, this vibrator has five different settings that hum, pulse and beat little morse code pleasures. The tear drop control fits into the average palm perfectly, so there’s no awkward fumbling while trying to heighten the fun, unless (like me) you roll over the on/off switch while in the throes of pleasure.

Dust Me Pink Sensual Body Powder

The Pure Romance website looks like a page out of Seventeen magazine with pictures of giggly, freckle-faced women and hearts and cursive, all splashed in shades of pink. And while the company’s mission is serious—empowering women to express and explore their sexuality—the products have the same playful feel the homepage reveals. Pure Romance products range from light lotions to bondage accessories to vibrators, available in seven collections at prices that span a few dollars through $150.

Massage Oil Candle

When I received this product in the mail, I knew immediately what it was because even the box it was posted in smelled good. Once I opened the package, the candle it contained filled the room with a lovely scent—and I hadn't even lit it yet. But this isn't just aromatherapy; this is a massage oil candle, featuring “Seduction Scent.” Encased in what appears to be either Aladdin's lamp or a metal gravy boat, this candle is just too cute. As a person who likes to decorate her house with foo-foo candles, I would have bought this for the packaging alone. And I get a massage out of it, too?

Kitty Spank-Her Paddle

The Kitty Spank-Her Paddle is a 13” paddle from Ruff Doggie Styles’ line of "sexy kitty" designs. The front is made from pink suede and has black stitching outlining the design and filling in the cat’s facial features. The back is pure black leather with no details. The cat’s tail is the paddle’s handle. At not quiet 1½ inch across, it’s a good fit for my small hand. I like the way my little finger or my thumb (depending on what side I’m using) fits in the curve of the tail. The Kitty Spank-Her is well made.