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BooBoo Unisex Wrist Bracelet, Faded Prints, Burgundy Flower

Fashion designer Renia Pruchnicki began making Truth belts a bit by chance. Previously working as an outdoor gear designer, her employer closed their doors in 2001. From her small studio in Toronto, with a bit of savings, a small loan, and her vault of skills, Truth was born. Renia had no experience working with leather, so she began making vegan belts with faux leather textiles. The better part of a decade later, she’s still going strong, making affordable, durable wearables for men and women.

I type with a Truth tag protruding from my wrist. Attached to a stylish but functional arm cuff, a small tag reads TRUTH; on the back, it explains that it was “Made In/Fabrique Au Canada.” I took three years of French lessons, but could barely order breakfast when in Paris a few years ago. That doesn’t mean I don’t love bilingual garment tags.

My bracelet, a “faded print” called BooBoo, comes in several patterns. My “burgundy flower” wristlet is an inoffensive floral pattern in faded burgundy and hazel, though it can be worn reversibly, only showing the gray side. Two large snaps hold the cloth band in place. While I did not specify length, the small size fits my tiny wrist perfectly. Usually, only such precision is achieved with elastic.

Say what you will about PETA’s sexism; their ad campaigns may disgust you, but they honored Renia’s work in 2003 with a Proggy Award for “Best Leather Replacement Clothing Company in North America.”

Part polyester, part polypropylene, my bracelet has already gotten a compliment—and I haven’t even left the house. When my partner came home, he immediately noted my new accessory. We may occasionally swap t-shirts, but I’m lucky his wrists are larger than mine. I love unisex fashion, but this bracelet is all mine.

Written by: Brittany Shoot, October 22nd 2009