Elevate Difference

Brass Angel Bracelet

Full disclosure: I borrowed three bracelets from Belle Style to review, and subsequently requested two of them as gifts. This one, while definitely an interesting and well-made piece, was not one of them.

Of the three bracelets, this was the most masculine and different from many of the other pieces on the company's website. Big (but not clunky) and heavy, were it not for the small, sterling silver angel charm that makes appearances in many of Belle Style's other pieces, I'd have taken this for a man's bracelet at first glance.

After figuring out the unusual, almost hidden clasp (which almost necessitated calling in my partner, who is a mechanical engineer), the bracelet literally slid off my hand. At 8" long, it's a good inch longer than most of the boutique's bracelets; measuring 7.25 millimeters across, it's also a good deal wider. Several other variations of the brass bracelet are offered as well: the Brass Jet, Brass Crown, Brass Lock, and Brass Heart. Prices range from $79—which is the price of the Brass Angel—to $99.

This bracelet in particular is very versatile, and would work with a variety of looks. You wouldn't look out of place wearing it to the office with a suit, or on a weekend outing in jeans. Chances are, like many Belle Style items, it has made its way onto the set of a movie, TV show, or magazine photo shoot.

While it's not my style, you can distinguish it—much like the other Belle Style pieces I have seen—as a high-quality and original piece of jewelry. All of the company's items are handmade, and it's obvious designer Heather Christine takes great pride in her work. While nothing on the site is cheap, Christine's work is a refreshing change from mass-produced bling made in nameless foreign factories.

Written by: M.L. Madison, August 27th 2009