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Chocolate Hazelnut Massage Candle

Babeland—a top sex toy retailer—offers plenty of bedroom additions perfect for making that next romantic night more memorable. The company prides itself on being female-friendly and encourages women to explore all areas of their sexuality. Customers can privately shop from their home computers or venture into one of their stores in New York, Seattle, or Los Angeles.

Their aromatic massage candle is one of their more traditional yet intriguing products. As the candle melts, luxuriously scented massage oil forms. The oil remains liquefied long after the flame is extinguished and feels great on the skin. The website assures customers that the product is “skin safe” and is made of soy. As I have sensitive skin I was hesitant about using the massage oil, but I did not encounter any problems.

The end product is thick, silky and smells wonderful. You can choose from Chocolate Hazelnut, Mango Vanilla or Mojito Peppermint. The Chocolate Hazelnut is richly fragranced and leaves skin pleasantly scented long after the massaging ends. Also, the candle conveniently comes with matches so there’s no scrambling for a lighter when the mood strikes. Babeland also reminds users not to leave the candle unattended and to extinguish the flame before using.

Written by: Michelle Tooker, July 3rd 2007