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Massage Oil Candle

When I received this product in the mail, I knew immediately what it was because even the box it was posted in smelled good. Once I opened the package, the candle it contained filled the room with a lovely scent—and I hadn't even lit it yet. But this isn't just aromatherapy; this is a massage oil candle, featuring “Seduction Scent.” Encased in what appears to be either Aladdin's lamp or a metal gravy boat, this candle is just too cute. As a person who likes to decorate her house with foo-foo candles, I would have bought this for the packaging alone. And I get a massage out of it, too? Awesome!

When you light the candle, the soybean oil it contains liquefies in a few minutes, heating it gently. There is no wax or paraffin in the candle, so it never burns above body temperature. So worry not, you won't give someone a third degree burn when pouring it on their back! The oil feels like a silky lotion, not at all greasy or sticky. And even better, there's enough oil for about thirty massages. This candle is made by Pure Romance, a company which specializes in “fun parties”—think Tupperware party, but with sex toys. And although they suggest pairing this candle with the “Erotic Massage Book,” I would also recommend this to anyone who likes pretty, scented things and foot rubs!

Written by: Beeb Ashcroft, May 20th 2007