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Pleasure Me Purse Kit

To get it in the open and out of the way: the item’s name, Pleasure Me Purse, is a command to someone else. While the purse is awesome, it could be a downer for someone who expected something along the lines of a Pleasure Myself Purse.

Good Vibrations' Pleasure Me Purse Kit comes with a waterproof Magic Touch Bullet Mini Vibrator, a deliciously scented Mini Heart-Shaped Rub Me Massage Bar, .5 ounces of crème brûlée flavored Devour Me Lickable Body Oil, and a sample of Please Cream Lubricant. While the “purse” itself seems hardly big enough for lipstick and an o.b. tampon, the contents are so varied, and in some cases so multipurpose, one would be hard-pressed to try them all out in one evening (or one morning, or one really exciting afternoon).

In small quantities, the crème brûlée body oil can be great, and opening the miniature bottle can fill a room with its potent scent, which I might have first guessed to be waffles and maple syrup. When dabbed strategically and appropriately, the oil turns ordinary old oral into a tasty treat. As my partner jokingly put it, “I really like that stuff. It made you suck my dick like a delicious lollipop.”

I have mentioned in a previous review that I ask a little more of my vibrators than a gentle shake–which is, of course, what one gets from the small toy included in this kit. It gets tired after five minutes of use, and the low intensity vibrations alone are what bring me to warn all the single ladies: you may be better pleasured by a different bag. That said, if you’re not doing everything yourself, the little silver buzzing bobble can be a lot of fun in more places than one (hey-oh!).

The .17 oz sample of the cream lubricant is really more than enough for a single use. The packaging boasts that it is “water-based, glycerin-free, long-lasting, [and] moisturizing,” which is probably all true, but it was difficult to tell when adding it to what I already had going on naturally. However, in a very weak post-coital study of the cream’s longevity, I did get bored rubbing it between my fingers for what seemed like eternity. This I take as a good sign.

The mint chocolate scented massage bar was definitely my favorite and seemed to go over well with my partner. The heart-shaped bar melts easily by touch and smells good enough to eat (in fact, we were sort of hoping we could eat it). Besides smelling awesome, giving and receiving a massage can be a really nice addition to the usual sexual repertoire, and fosters a sense of intimacy beyond coitus itself.

Overall, if you’re already accustomed to utilizing lotions and vibrators with a partner, then this little purse packs a lot of variety and excitement. If you’re new to sexual accoutrement, it’s a compact way to see what you’re into. Definitely make sure your partner is willing to try it out, and allow yourself the options of both liking something that you may have previously thought weird or disliking it even if it’s supposed to be sexy.

Written by: Tatiana Ryckman, May 12th 2010

This is a deliciously funny review! Nice job :)