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Pregnancy Body Oil / Nursing Tea / Skin Food / Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

Mean, lean, and green is not a trend come-lately. Weleda has been producing natural, organic beauty products since 1921. Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a founder of anthroposophy, joined forces with Dr. Ita Wegman to take this transcendentalist world view to a personal practical level. They offer salves and solutions for human afflictions ranging from stretch marks to dental plaque, all derived from some of the two hundred species of plants cultivated in their medical plants garden. All items are certified organic by BDIH standards, and their U.S. affiliate assisted in the formation of the NPA (Natural Products Association) rules.

The Pregnancy Body Oil soothes stretching skin by combining arnica flower and wheat germ oil with an almond oil base. It application is obviously enriching without being at all 'greasy.' In addition to attending to maternal hides, Weleda offers tea for a mother's insides: their Nursing Tea supports healthy lactation. The calming tea is a mix of organic fenugreek, anise, fennel seeds, and other herbs. I asked my test-mommy if it was working, and she just snarled and demanded a foot massage and some sushi with unagi, NOT uni, plus green tea ice cream for dessert. Perhaps she did not let the calming tea seep long enough.

The non-reproducing are by no means neglected: body lotions for dry skin are made with Wild Rose, Aloe Vera, Mallow, and Sea Buckthorn. The Sea Buckthorn Lotion combines buckthorn and sesame seed oil in a vitamin A and E-rich formula that delivers antioxidants in a solution scented with essential oils from mandarins, oranges, and grapefruits. It applies lightly and lasts all day.

My personal favorite is the Weleda Skin Food. This nourishing moisturizer hydrates the skin by including organic pansy and rosemary extract with the fatty acid and vitamin E abundant sunflower seed oil. I'm currently combating dry facial skin, and the Skin Food out performed the department store it-shall-remain-unnamed-in-its-ostentatiously-scientific-packaging eye goo. Next time, I'm reaching for the bright green tube.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, September 29th 2009

Their 'Skin Food' is superlative.

I got some of this stuff at a hotel a while ago and took waaaay too many freebies. I LOVE the body wash! (though I'm not sure what kind I had - green bottle) I smell like lemons and am so soft! It also doesn't have chemicals that makes my eczema flare up.