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Pregnancy Body Oil / Nursing Tea / Skin Food / Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

Mean, lean, and green is not a trend come-lately. Weleda has been producing natural, organic beauty products since 1921. Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a founder of anthroposophy, joined forces with Dr. Ita Wegman to take this transcendentalist world view to a personal practical level. They offer salves and solutions for human afflictions ranging from stretch marks to dental plaque, all derived from some of the two hundred species of plants cultivated in their medical plants garden.

Adagio tea

“tea leaves/tea loves/loves tea/lives tea/leaves tea?/never.” – Uniek Swain “Adagio” can refer to the section of a pas de deux in which a dancer and her partner execute steps combining lyrical grace and technical prowess. One rarely thinks of tea as “powerful,” but it is precisely this combination of serenity and strength that earn Adagio Teas their top rankings by organizations ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Progressive Grower. In our animal comforts we are all the same.