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Premium Cinnamon Cookies

Vegans, those who cannot have gluten, and other health-conscious consumers will be happy to hear about Sun Flour Baking Company (based in Sacramento, California), which offers a variety of products that, like these cinnamon cookies, are wheat and gluten-free, contain no cholesterol or refined sugar, and are egg and dairy free. In addition, this particular variety has no trans fat or hydrogenated oil, and twenty-two percent of the ingredients used are organic. Rice and pinto bean flour substitute for the wheat flour traditionally used in baking, and sweetness is provided by organic evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup and grape juice concentrate.

While I applaud Sun Flour Baking Company for making a healthier treat that can be enjoyed by many people with dietary restrictions, I found them a tad dry and quite dense compared to traditional cookies, which makes them a bit heavy. On the other hand, they fill you up quicker than the average cookie, which could mean eating fewer cookies per serving. My co-worker Brian (who cannot have gluten) complained that they were a bit sugary, but I didn’t think so. Ample cinnamon provides plenty of flavor, and Brian described the dessert as a “doughy cinnamon delivery system.”

While I would welcome a moister cookie, overall I was impressed with this relatively healthy snack, which includes, according to the list of ingredients, “lots of love.”

Written by: Karen Duda, June 19th 2007