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Red Bracelet

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Luckxurys was started by designer Tali Rosen out of a personal frustration: she was unable to find a traditionally turquoise hamsa, palm-shaped amulet used in jewelery that is thought to protect a person from the evil eye. The tradition of using a hamsa (the Arabic word for the number five, hence the symbolism of a hand) to ward off evil began in the Middle East as a practice of Islam, and is now a part of Jewish mysticism. After searching unsuccessfully for her prized stone, Rosen decided to simply make one herself. When she received positive feedback from others, she followed her desire to make "fashion that welcomes good energies," and incorporated her own good energies into a proper self-run jewelry business.

Using self-styled hand knitting, hand sculpturing, and silvercrafting techniques that Rosen gained through more than a decade of study, Luckxurys sells creative pieces (mostly bracelets and necklaces) that are stylistically unique. The Red Bracelet uses a simple wax wire knit string, handmade lucky charms, made from a mixture of calcium and polymer clay, and an easy loop clasp to fasten the string after you wrap it around your wrist a few times. The meaning of the color is taken from the Kabbalah. Red symbolizes danger, passion, and love, which makes it the strongest protector against evil. However, other colors are available.

Innovation in jewelry is difficult to come by these days, yet Luckxurys managed to develop something contemporary using an ancient concept. Made to be durable, the Red Bracelet can be worn daily without removal, which might not be such a bad thing for those plagued with bad ju-ju.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, January 9th 2010

I (selfishly) hope you're talking about the review, but I can support your outburst being about the bracelet too. ;-)

I loveeeeed it!!!!!!!