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RingO & BabeLicious

Sweets for your sweet. Available in Dulce de Leche, Pomegranate Vanilla, Mojito Mint, and Chocolate Orange, the virtues of Babeland’s new BabeLicious flavored gel lubricant are more numerous than its flavors. Babeland has delivered my most favorite lube ever. It’s glycerin and paraben free, the lack of dyes means it doesn’t stain the sheets, and the fact that it doesn’t have sugar shields the user from that cause of yeast infections.

Never mind what it doesn’t have; of course, it’s a winner due to what it does possess. The standard fruity flavorings that plague massage oils and lubes strike me as fit for fighting plaque, not finding pleasure. Those particular chemicals are just too reminiscent of cough drops or the fluoride washes at a dentist’s office to be involved in any fun. In contrast, BabeLicious (I sampled the Dulce de Leche) has a genuine good taste, sweet and with a bit of mocha in the caramel. A dime-sized dollop started things off just fine, and it stayed wet and ready after extensive play.

Water-based and for any place, the only thing that lingers is its scent. After repeated washings, my hands still smelled like a candy shop. (I did not sniff-test other relevant regions.) With its only potential negative being the lasting whiff of dessert, BabeLicious' Dulce de Leche is now my go-to lube.

If the BabeLicious tastes like a sundae, the RingO cock ring looks like an ambitious lifesaver. The fact that it can be purchased in three colors—lollipop red, sky blue, and pinstripe-ready gray—made me smile: do people want to coordinate it with the drapes? Their neckties? Pocket handkerchiefs?

“Longer, harder, firmer,” the packaging promises in all capitals. I did not whip out the micro-calipers to establish the veracity of this claim in ängströms, nor contrive a device to determine Diamond Pyramid Number of the effected organ. However, a splendid time was experienced by all, and for a longer duration. My co-tester exclaimed “Wow! It’s great! I mean it, really: it’s great!” and then insisted that I rate it a “cock-up” and added, “You get the reference? Huh? You get it? They’ll get it?” Yes, dear, they’ll get it.

If you want to get the RingO cock ring, it’s a splendid investment. One warning: it’s firmly elastic enough that it should be placed with some delicacy and a generous quantity of lubricant. BabeLicious would work just fine, or the unflavored water-based gel of your choice.

To date, BabeLicious has been a delight to experience solo or in combination with the RingO. My partner seemed positive enough, but I have a few more questions about these products. We may have to test them again. Oh, Honey…?

Written by: Paulette S. Case, September 5th 2010
Tags: sex, sex toy