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Shakti Pendant

The K Robins Designs is located on four acres near Wintergreen Mountain Resort in Nellysford, Virginia. It is not surprising that K Robins learned how to carve her designs in wax and cast them in silver from famous flute maker Patrick Olwell, because her jewelry has a very melodious fluidity to its composure. Robins’ original designs come in sterling silver and fourteen carat gold. They are divided into five themes: 1) goddesses, mothers, and daughters, 2) sacred symbols, 3) yoga and meditation, 4) Celtic lore, and 5) meditation.

Robins is a woman after my own heart with the vision for her creations, “Our mission is to discover and create archetypal images and symbols that transcend the personal, resonate with the universal, and soothe the soul.” That is exactly what she has done with the Shakti piece I am currently wearing.

For Hindus, shakti is a generic term used for the many incarnations of the Mother Goddess, a divinely feminine power of creative energy. Shakti represents the dynamic life forces that move through the entire universe. The beauty of this pendant, as well as Robins' other designs, is that they are not so specific in nature that they cannot be many things to many wearers. They serve as communication tools to share while moving about in the world. They can be worn as a sign of strength, serve as pacts between friends, given as heirlooms, or all three.

What is just as beautiful as K Robins’ jewelry is the mission behind her work, which supports art as activism, empowers women, and focuses on sustainability. Her pieces are personal and inviting, peaceful yet capturing, and unassuming yet inspirational. The company's website is just as enriching as the artwork and gives the story behind Robins' decision to share her gift with the public, as well as the people who continue to inspire her. The prices are extremely reasonable while the aesthetics are invaluable.

Written by: Olupero R. Aiyenimelo, February 6th 2010

Great review. I'll have to check out her website.