Elevate Difference

Talk To Your Body

Brian Emmert and Nathaniel Kane are Das Black Milk’s two songwriters and they’ve done an excellent job on their latest album Talk to Your Body; it’s probably their best work yet.

Many of the songs focus on notions of domestic turmoil in a paranoid dystopia, which I think reflects the current time we’re living in. In “Laissez-faire,” the second single off the album, Das Black Milk sing, “Laissez-faire, let them devour each other,” probably referring to the idea of how our lives are basically the social constructs of powerful organizations and institutions that are simply seeking to increase their capitalistic goals. The band continues: “Another confession dictates our direction,” but the question is whose confession are they referring to and why does it have such control over us? It makes you wonder.

Music blogger Jester Jay was dead-on when he wrote that “Talk to Your Body reverberates with post punk and 1960s garage rock sounds, but also reveals traces of electronica and tatters of punk. It's a fun listen that defies expectations.” These different types of music give the album a unique sound that is quite rare.

One cannot take for granted the amazing contribution of Ray Kline, the newest member of the band. Kline brings a whole new level to the DBM sound and is responsible for the integration of new and different music styles on Talk To Your Body. Overall I’d say this is a great album; it’s fun to listen to and it’s an amazing diversion from mainstream music.

Written by: May Abu Jaber, November 24th 2010