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Triangle Tribes Pendant

It wasn’t so long ago that I’d stricken reading fiction from my timepass repertoire. I saw no need for flights of fancy and, instead, preferred to lose myself in pages of dense history and theory. I made my foray back into the land of make believe slowly, first though memoir, then short stories. Eventually, I nabbed a copy of Invitation to a Beheading—a book I’d become interested in thanks to Azar Nafisi’s gushing about the notorious Russian American novelist Vladimir Nabokov in Reading Lolita in Tehran—and completely mended my formerly incurious relationship by means of poetic prose, witty alliteration, and intentional linguistic foolery.

Now, wordplay makes me giggle, and there’s no better site for wordplay than in the places where it's unexpected. Case in point: Israeli designer Irit Schneor’s fashion jewelry shop, In-d-pendant. Aside from the allusions to strength and self-sustainability from a woman-owned business, the name also holds within it an anti-corporate sentiment. Top that off with multifunctional, utilitarian design (Schneor’s accessories are both a necklace and a glasses holder), and methinks Schneor is a woman after my own heart.

Speaking of hearts, directly above mine is where the Triangle Tribes Pendant falls on my chest, though the length is somewhat adjustable given the two inches of chain past the rolo links that sits opposite the lobster clasp closure. The pendant has a sturdiness that effortlessly supported both pair of my glasses while I went about my day. On the whole, I found this sterling silver necklace to be impeccably crafted with a smart aesthetic.

For those who prefer something a bit more mod, the Bubbles Pendant might suit your fancy. Or if dainty is more your thing, you’ll find several options from which to choose on In-d-pendant.com. There are even options for the more masculine among us.

No longer will cheap strings be attached to this farsighted fashionista’s eye wear. Now I can appreciate a good book in style.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, May 23rd 2010

Thank you Mandy for your warm review. The ethnic inspired eyeglass necklace is one of my favorites too. Irit Schneor inDpendant designer