Elevate Difference

Blueberry Buzz

The Blueberry Buzz vibrator looks like a good time, if a good time brings the 1970s disco era to mind—you dancing with your friends in a place overflowing with neon electric lights and disco music. This vibrator, in a loud neon electric blue, looks like a lava lamp, only in miniature. It is a compact 6.25 inches, and approximately one inch wide, which makes it a great travel companion—but clearly, in size and girth, won’t rock your world.

The series of Waterproof Turbo Gliders is touted as being waterproof, and I can confirm the battery-powered vibrator still works when wet. The sound of the vibe is quite tame compared to the buzz-saw cacophony of some other vibes out there, which, for me, is one of the Blueberry Buzz's advantages.

At the same time, the power of the vibrator itself is moderately palpable at best. The power is muted by the fact that the head, or nodule, at the tip of the vibrator is separated from the body of the vibrator by a plastic disk. The consequence is that the head is detached from the vibrations that shake the body of the vibrator; there’s no action at the tip. The plasticity of the vibrator again adds to its value as a travel companion, but it also makes the vibrator feel terribly cheap—it seems more of a gag gift than sex toy.

Also a bit perplexing is the product note included in the package, which reads “[f]or external use only.” Um... really? To my vibe-enthusiasts out there, I suppose there’s not much more to say, now, is there? Clearly Blueberry Buzz is intended for some lighthearted fun—perhaps even waved around as a glow-stick at a Jonas Brothers concert—but it is not intended for hardcore action.

Written by: Zara Thustra, April 12th 2010

This item is making me smile. I'm sure it would feel wonderful too. I suspect the internal vs external caution was meant to advise against it being 100 percent inserted (disappearing), probably both for safety and so that onlookers can enjoy watching a good show with the product being at least partially visible.