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Doc Johnson Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Vibe

People do not like to think of themselves as inadequate or deformed. Therefore, while I do not doubt that this is a perfectly adequate small vibrator with external stimulator, I do doubt that I have a G-spot, or that it is even an established existing anatomical structure. But, low—review the internet again, and it is revealed that I might, indeed, be a mutant.

Although, glance once more, and other researchers conclude “the G-spot is rather a perception created by non physiological factors that can cause a heightened sexual sensation” (Journal of Sexual Medicine, January 4, 2010). Named in honor of the German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, this bean-shaped region one to three inches within the vagina on its anterior wall, has always made me suspicious. Perhaps out of jealousy—if one of my sister feminists has an extra sensory source of delight, more power to her, and may she celebrate it frequently. However, given the history of clitoral orgasm’s ‘immature’ status, I view attempts to locate more sensitive vaginal regions with some doubt, that their existence might give lazy males an excuse to minimize time outside the vagina engaging in more delicate foreplay.

I tried this toy in bed, I tried it in the bathtub, I tried in the shower, I tried it standing up, I tried it suspended upside-down in a harness—okay, the last one is a lie. No matter how applied, I experienced a smile’s worth of stimulation, not an eye-rolling, scream-stifling, leg-shaking good time. Maybe I’m just too much of a Rabbit junkie.

That being said, the Doc Johnson Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Vibe has independent rotation and clit stimulation controls, three levels apiece, can rotate both ways, and is waterproof. The control panel lights up in the dark, and it is a reasonable eight-inch length with a three-inch working end intended for G-spot stimulation. Available in lavender and rose, the softer latex casing was a pleasant surprise. The three AAA batteries required for its operation are not included. This might be a good gateway toy from a bullet or finger vibe to more formidable hardware.

Written by: Paulette S. Case, April 21st 2010

@Clarisse: I do, indeed. I appreciate your owning up to a swift read. It's something we all do, but something I find most folks are reticent to admit to. I find taking responsibility a crucial part of social justice, so I wanted to thank you for doing that. :)

@Paulette -- I'm sorry if I came across as calling you "superficial". Having read your description of what you tried, I'm just trying to give some perspective on why you may not have been able to find your g-spot using this vibrator.

Thank you for the comments, and believe me, my testing of these items is never superficial.



@Mandy -- You're right, I didn't read closely. Sorry about that. You're probably aware that there's been a lot of blogging, even in feminist arenas, where women who can't find their g-spots basically default to "well clearly no one has one" (with the most heinous example being that ridiculous recent study [ http://contexts.org/sexuality/2010/01/06/in-search-of-the-so-called-g-spot/ ]). So I pretty much skimmed this review, saw that the author was trying the "plug it in and it turns on" method of finding the g-spot, and kind of assumed the rest. Which was lazy, and again, I'm sorry for the assumption.

The rest of my comment stands, though.

Clarisse - Perhaps a closer read would have illuminated this line in the review: "if one of my sister feminists has an extra sensory source of delight, more power to her, and may she celebrate it frequently." The rest of the review remains in this vein with the author clearly putting the ownership of 'mutant' status in her own hands.

In my experience, the thing about the g-spot is that it doesn't "activate" (for lack of a better word) unless the woman in question is already turned on, in the mood, etc. It's not a "rub it and it turns on" kind of thing like the clitoris. So there's no wonder that you wouldn't find it by treating it mechanically and seeking it with nothing more than a toy and a bit of free time -- that's a surefire way not to find it. I had a similar experience when I was first trying to find mine, but a few years later I had a boyfriend who knew how to look and did it at exactly the right time, and it was awesome.

YMMV. Hell, maybe you have no g-spot. But don't tell me I'm making mine up.

Well written review, Paulette. I really enjoyed reading it. BTW, you're not a mutant. I can't find my g-spot, either.


Ebony Edwards-Ellis