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Emma's Passion Garden Water Lily

Finding the right vibrator is a difficult choice. Too weak and it will not get the job done. Too strong... well, there will be some discomfort the next day. The Water Lily model from California Exotic Novelties' line Emma's Passion Garden claims “flowers are a girl's best friend,” but how well does it work?

The Water Lily is not a scary looking vibrator. Shaped more like a calla lily than a water lily, the purple body of the Water Lily even has textured “leaves” at the base. The box is tastefully done, with an attractive woman wearing a Grecian-style dress. The bottom of the vibrator can be screwed off, revealing the battery pack that contains two AA batteries. The seal on this part of the vibrator is secure, a must for a waterproof vibrator.

The Water Lily has a push button controller with three settings. To turn it off, push the button four times. That button control gives the user complete control of how powerful the vibration is, and because of its location, the button cannot be hit by accident during use.

Now to the shape of the vibrator. The box advertises that the pistol of the flower is the vibrating part, perfect for stimulating the clitoris. However, that is not the case. Powered by a silver bullet near the top of the toy, the entire unit vibrates. While the flower shape of the toy cups the clitoral area, a user gets more stimulation by flipping the vibrator over and using the silver bullet directly. The actual movement of the pistol is minimal.

While the Water Lily design may not be ideal for all women, it does work wonders in the water. Because of the elongated length of the toy, it is easy to use in the bathtub without straining the user's hand. If you are looking for a vibrator to keep by the bedside, the Water Lily may not be the one for you. But if you looking to add a little more fun to bath time, then you might want to consider the Water Lily.

Written by: BSCG, May 10th 2010